Private Money Lending Success Secret #2

I’ve already told you the #1 Secret to private money lending success in real estate or any other start up business for that matter (if you didn’t get this, stop right now and click here for the #1 private money lending secret NOW.). The next success factor for private money lending for real estate is establishing your credibility.

Remember, wealthy private investors got that way by knowing what it takes to be successful in business. So know this. Because here’s a secret that all private investors believe and have verified from their own experience: private money lending is personal. In fact, sophisticated private investors, like angel investors have a saying: “it’s better to invest in a mediocre deal with a great team, than a great deal with a mediocre team.”

What does this mean in a practical sense. In other words, in private money lending, how does an investor determine if you’ve “got the right stuff”. It means:
1) Having the right answers to any questions that you may be asked in a private money lending presentation or interview, and delivering them without hesitation.
2) Having well prepared and complete documentation of your offering (your company, your deal and your terms), that makes it easy for your private money lender to do their due diligence and say yes to your deal.
3) Putting together a team that will impress and assure investors in the private money lending real estate arena, that they can trust their children’s inheritance with you and your deal.
4) Delivering a private money lending presentation that is clear, concise and powerful.

Now I know this all may sound a little daunting. However, in my experience, entrepreneurs like yourself are not afraid of doing what it takes. What they don’t like is wasting their time getting nowhere without a guide or roadmap, or worse following bad advice that costs them both time and money.

That’s why we created this Private Money Lending blog and her sister site: the Investor Wealth Network . On this site you will be treated to true private money lending insider information from the private money lenders themselves and entrepreneurs who can tell you exactly what they did to successfully raise private money for their deals (for example, the video Stephan explaining how he raised $300,000 in private money).

So, let’s talk about the first point: having the right answers to any private money lending question you may be asked, and being able to deliver them without hesitation. Well, here’s the simple solution:
• Know what private money lending questions you may be asked
• Prepare the answers to those private money lending questions and practice delivering them.

Now you may be wondering how you could possibly anticipate all the private money lending questions you could be asked. The truth is, that private investors are focused on some very simple and fundamental issues to decide whether they should spend any time thinking about your private money lending investment. And having been on both sides of the table as a private investor and as an entrepreneur, I can tell you exactly what questions you’ll be asked and better yet, I’ll teach you how to give the answers that will impress your private money lending prospects.

Picture yourself at a conference table answering the toughest and most probing questions from your potential private money lending investors with the ease and confidence you’d have if you were chatting your favorite hobby, or vacation.

If that’s what you’d like, hurry and check this special manual and video I’ve created for you on the “14 Questions Private Investors will Ask a Real Estate Entrepreneur… and How to Answer Them. Go ahead, do it Now.

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