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“He loaned 168,000.00 to purchase a property”

“My first private lender experience was with a guy who lives in Texas, he is from China though…….I did take a business plan when I met with him! I was really nervous at first, I removed my shoes at the door! We sat in his living room, I believe he sat on the floor!:0) And we talked for a couple of hours……he dabbles in purchasing note and creates all of his documents.

My first deal we did, He loaned 168,000.00 to purchase a property. He closed like really fast, I think in about 4 days……….we already had appraisal and titlework done.”

Tammy C.
Exit Investment Properties, LLC

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This is the first seminar I have ever been to that made me to something… I had to take the information and actually implement it. The content has exposed me to an area of funding that I really didn’t know how to do. When I get home, I now know exactly what I have to do. Thank you!

- Charles Gibson, SC

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I’ve been to other seminars where they taught you how to do the deal, but nobody had the piece of how to put the money together. Richard and Michelle have done a great job of that. Now I’m ready to go raise that private money!

- Tom Bedont, GA

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“In the next 6 months, my goal is to have a fully developed business plan and hopefully well on my way to implementing my project. I believe that your training in Atlanta really helped me firm up some of the areas – taking it from an idea to something I can really implement.

The thing is, we had the information that allowed us to structure the presentation in a way that it needs to be presented to be well received by people with money to invest.

If I was to say there was really one thing that came out of it, I think it was giving us the framework and putting it in a format that you guys can help me understand.

It was very enlightening. Well Run I Think.

I will complement you and your team – very good people to work with. I enjoyed it tremendously.

Excellent, excellent as far as I’m concerned.”

John Holt, MD

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I’ve been investing for 15 years and I feel that THIS seminar is going to allow us to grow our business to an even higher level because we’ll be able to get that constant source of money. It went over all the things I wanted to know, from A to Z.

- Leonard Feinstein, FL

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Charles Gibson

“The Confidence was the number one thing. Opening of my eyes to a Much Broader Knowledge that There Is Money Out There To Be Had.”

Charles Gibson.
South Carolina

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I’d highly recommend that anyone, who is interested in real estate financing and being able to raise the capital to do that financing, come join him at one of his summits.

- Daniel Jones, MD

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This was an ‘experiential workshop.’ Not just the fluff on top – do this, do that – that you get most seminars. It’s well worth the time and worth more than you could possibly pay for it.

- Vivian Hooten, CA

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Brian Lee

“Richard Odessey offers a comprehensive training course which will enable investors to become proficient at generating revenue from private lending sources in order to fund transactions. He patiently and thoroughly teaches his students how to develop a system which will enable them to be marketable upon approaching prospective investors.”

Brian N.Lee, MD

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To see the content and the information they bring to it… I’ve been to many seminars and I’ve not seen anything like it before. Definitely taking the private lending up a notch and tapping in to the Angel Investors… With their proven system and ways to do that it’s going to make it pretty easy…

- Nate Kennedy, SC

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Charles Gibson

“I don’t know how you managed to put all that information together in one seminar – but I can tell you, coming out of the seminar, I felt like I was coming out of a slingshot. I was moving with enthusiasm – and not just enthusiasm – but conviction. I knew that this was something that I could do. AND having to get up in front of people — It Was Just ALL GOOD!”

Charles Gibson
South Carolina

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The knowledge that we gathered here… You know, it’s so easy to get one track minded, but when you come to this seminar, it expands your horizons – a hundred fold – a thousand fold. You gotta get to the Advance Private Lending Summit!

- Mark Evans, GA

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