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Get the best deals, avoid the losers, and increase profit in a few keystrokes! Calculate and analyze profit and risk! This real estate investor software enables investors to find the most profitable properties available and avoid costly bad deals.

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Are Realtors Taking Advantage of You?

Ever have a buyer for one of your homes that came with a realtor and you were forced to use the realtor’s contract?

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How to Access Real Estate Investment Loans and Huge Unsecured Lines of Credit

Start a Real Estate Business with No Out of Pocket Costs!

Do you have the intelligence to be a successful investor, but just aren’t sure how to get a real estate investment loan to establish your business? Tom Kish teaches investors how to start a real estate business and continuously fund their investments with no out of pocket costs!

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T.J. Marrs
Debt and Equity Financing

Creative Finance: Debt and Equity Financing

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The Secret Wealthy People Use to Achieve Financial Freedom: Debt and Equity Financing

Learn this Truly Novel Breakthrough in Debt and Equity Financing and how You Can Achieve Your Financial Dreams And Use Creative Finance to Beat the Banks at their own Game!

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Make $50,000 On Your Next Rehab!

Double the Profit on Your Next Fixer
Upper House Rehab!

Pete Youngs, a former contractor, leveraged his experience in the industry to unlock the secrets of molding a fixer upper home into a profitable investment. His course shows investors how each and every fixer upper home can become a lucrative profit center through sound real estate rehabbing techniques.

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The Art of the Deal - Case Studies To Ca$h

Brandson Osborn

Searching for a simple guide to real estate that will really bring you the investing profits you are looking for? Brandon Osborne’s “Case Studies to Cash” program combines all of the information you need to learn about real estate investing and quickly achieve investing success.

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Lease Options: Control Without Ownership

Wendy Patton has perfected the strategies how to lease option real estate with no money down real estate investing. Now, Wendy Patton shares these innovative success secrets in her groundbreaking course “Control without Ownership” to teach investors how to lease option real estate for maximum profit and with minimum liability.

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Super Success
Short Sale System

Mark Sumpter, an industry leader in the real estate short sale market, has perfected the process of capitalizing on record foreclosure volumes. His course teaches investors to implement his proven real estate short sale secrets and unlock the profit potential of pre-foreclosures and foreclosed properties.

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Collect 5-Figure Paychecks and Attract Sellers with Innovative Real Estate Direct Marketing Strategies

Richard Roop

Richard Roop has perfected the techniques and tools for successful real estate business marketing campaigns. In this course, Richard Roop teaches investors his proven, systematic approach to growing real estate investing businesses through creative real estate business marketing strategies.

How To Collect 5-Figure Paychecks Through Real Estate Direct Marketing

Also by Richard Roop:

Marketing Mastery Home Study Course

Million Dollar Mindstorming



The Deal Evaluation Tool - real estate investment property calculator

Richard Odessey's Investor Contract Addendum Tool

Marko Rubel's ProfitGrabber

Private Money Loans Made Easy: The Basic System Home Study Course

Lease Options: by Wendy Patton, how to lease option real estate with no money down

Learn about real estate investing in the real world with case studies from Brandon Osborn

How To Collect 5-Figure Paychecks Buying & Selling Houses Course by Richard Roop

The Get Started Series by Barney Zick

Rehab 101 Homestudy Course "Make $50,000 on Your Next Fixer Upper Home Rehab!"

Street Smart Success System by Louis Brown

The Whole Enchilada Junior: The Foundation by Lou Brown